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Who we are ...

We are facilitators rather than a post house and work across a wide range of film, broadcast, digital media and interactive projects.

Both Stephen and Earle are experienced in all stages of production, from concept and planning to principal photography and post-production. 



Kinkajou is strongly associated with other experienced artists, production crew, boutique vendors and a number of larger facilities that allows for an adaptable, creative and holistic approach.

How we like to work ...

  • Prep & Script Breakdown

    • We will always be mindful of your budget from the very start, engaging in as many HOD meetings as possible prior to design turnover.


  • Shoot Prep & Previs

    • Work very closely with the Director, DOP and editorial teams during pre-prod to ensure all turnover material is solidly understood, and that a good working version of the VFX can filter through to editorial.

    • We will then tailor our methodology accordingly. This could include Thumbnail Animatics, Storyboarding, Previs, and then after the shoot, Postvis, when required.


  • Shoot

    • Work with HODs to ensure all the practical technical breakdowns of the scenes are in good working order prior to the shoot.

    • Be extremely flexible with one eye on the future costs.


  • Recycle Re-use

    • Once a breakdown of the project is in a good shape we will endeavour to design both the set- piece FX, Matte Paintings and any 3D model constructions to be used for multiple purposes.


  • Editorial & Postvis

    • Constantly feed the edit to help resolve any story issues.

    • Postvis team dailies review with Director / DOP in context of the edit.


  • VFX Production and Delivery

    • A colour pipeline in post is critical for VFX, so milky pictures in and out, as well as a working match grade.



Kinkajou was founded in 2010 by VFX Supervisor Stephen Coren and VFX Producer Earle Stuart Callender. 

© 2013  stephen coren & earle stuart callender

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