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VFX Supervisor Stephen Coren is a unique talent, with over 25 years in the industry.



He combines years of practical on-set experience with an extensive technical understanding of VFX allowing him to produce flawless visuals for a wide variety of film, television and new media.

Stephen Coren

Earle Stuart Callender

Earle is an established Producer and Manager with extensive experience of the entire VFX process.


With strong experience in script analysis/breakdowns and budget creation, through to the management of pre-prod, visual effects and final post delivery.

Mark is a well seasoned Producer with over 36 years in the industry both on-set and in post.


Mark's enduring and varied career has given him a wide perspective on all aspects of production, drawing on his vast wisdom to support both the creative and financial aspects of a show.


Steph and Mark have worked together on a broad range of projects over the years.



Leila is a remarkably cool, calm and collected coordinator and always establishes a great influence on the floor during a show.


She is confidently technical, production savvy and supremely reliable.


We have worked with Leila on several very large scale projects.

Leila Nicotera: VFX Coordinator

Mark Sherwood: VFX Producer

Production partners


Rob Timmins: VFX Technical Assistant

We try to work closely with our extended production family as often as possible. Below are some of our closer relationships. They are free agents unto themseleves but we call on them first whenever we can.

Rob is a fantastic on-set assistant and external shoot production manager.

He is reliable and supportive with a real can-do attitude.


Rob has worked on and off with Steph and Earle over the past few years and we always try to include him whenever possible.


Kinkajou was founded in 2010 by VFX Supervisor Stephen Coren and VFX Producer Earle Stuart Callender. 

© 2013  stephen coren & earle stuart callender

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