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On-Set Services


Our main objective is to support the creative ambition of the Director and Producers, whilst 

representing the requirements and budgetary constraints of the lead VFX facility.


Working in conjunction with all HODs, we aim to reflect the chosen methodology, are flexible and proactive on-set and will undertake the logging of relevant VFX shot information.


Our on-set VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer will take responsibility to ensure that we knit perfectly together with your other departments.

  • Greenscreen / Bluescreen Lighting​

  • Plate Supervision

  • Motion and Performance Capture Set-up

  • Elements for sprites, matte paintings, set extensions etc

  • Coordination of Virtual set requirements

  • Lighting Image Capture (HDRI Chrome & Grey Reference Balls)

  • HDR for 2.5d Photogrammetry

  • Shooting of Lens Distortion Grid​s

  • Camera Data Recording and Logging

  • Witness Camera Set-up

  • Shooting of Reference Frames

  • Object Measurement / Scene Sketching

  • Recording of Scene Lighting Layouts

Kinkajou was founded in 2010 by VFX Supervisor Stephen Coren and VFX Producer Earle Stuart Callender. 

© 2013  stephen coren & earle stuart callender

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